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End-to-end solutions from research to commercialization

Bringing a cell or gene therapy to market is a monumental endeavor that requires commitment, dedication, and a lot of science. Your work holds the potential to deliver life-changing treatments—our mission is to help you succeed. Whether you’re focusing on cell therapy or gene therapy, we’re here to help. Partner with us to access the high-quality materials, services, and support you need for every step of the journey from discovery to clinical research to commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

The world leader in serving science

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When you partner with us you can leverage our years of experience developing life science solutions to help you overcome obstacles and forge an innovative path toward a cure. As a world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific has helped hundreds of pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimize their formulation and cell and gene therapy GMP manufacturing process to maximize productivity. And we continue to significantly invest in research and development and operational expansion to help accelerate your work.

Quality in our products and services

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Providing high-quality cellular and gene therapy products and services for our customers drives everything we do. That is why the top 50 biopharma companies in the world have turned to us to help them succeed. We have over 30 years of GMP manufacturing experience, and we continue to invest in our ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered manufacturing facilities in order to provide the highest-quality products and services. Our products are used to manufacture FDA- and EMA-approved therapies and have supported over 100 clinical trials.

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Scale and security of supply

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We recognize that as a supplier into your process we play a critical role in supporting your need for high-quality products, a stable supply chain and robust risk mitigation strategies. Our worldwide cell and gene therapy manufacturing network enables us to supply high-quality products and single-use technologies to our customers globally, and redundant manufacturing helps maintain that supply without interruption. Our sites are audit-ready, hosting hundreds of customer site audits per year.

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Your partner at every step

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Our goal is to support you at every stage of the cell and gene therapy development process. In early development we can provide cell and gene therapy products that are GMP manufactured with regulatory support and documentation and provide custom cell and gene therapy services. During the crucial translational period, we can provide scale-up and optimization assistance in preparation for clinical trials. Whether you're doing lentiviral vector production or adeno-associated viral vector production, our viral vector manufacturing services can help you meet your GMP production goals. In the commercial phase, our team of experienced professionals can help you optimize your cell and gene therapy GMP manufacturing process, secure your supply chain, and help implement and validate regulatory and risk mitigation strategies.

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